A new video is now LIVE on the YouTube channel, with my PRO tips on how to make curls last.

And believe me these curls last .. If they don’t, you’re not doing right!

 I’ve perfected this technique over so many years, adjusting the size of the curling iron and the products to suit the hair type, texture and length. Clients return time after time and this model Sammy is no different with her curls lasting for 3 days!

Every client that sits in your chair wants hair to last the night, atleast. So, with the exception of naturally curly hair  I always use Setting Spray, as it helps enhance curl. AND with the exception of extremely thick hair, I always use Body Crafter, which causes the hair shaft to swell and grab a curl better. Creating grit, that dirty feel when you’ve washed your hair one or two days before. SO, there’s no need to ask you client to leave her hair dirty or wash it 1-3 days before. This will do that for you.

As you curl each section I also use Wella Super Set Hairspray. It’s a firm hold hairspray but its dispersed in a light mist so it wont overload the hair or make your curls looks crispy, working to maintain your long lasting curls but not sacrifice the classic look.

In all honesty, I think clients know their own hair rather well these days, they know if their hair is more flyaway and better washed the night before or if its not washed its going to be too oily on the morning of, so make sure you ask for their input.

In addition to these, I use Dry Me, a dry shampoo and Ocean Spritz, a salt spray, both that will help create more grit, faking the dirty feel and soak up any oil, make sure that curls stays.

As you work through the hair you’ll probably need to add more product. As you practice you’ll start to notice the different texture, when hair feels a bit too clean and before you even start with heat, you will know from experience if its going to stay.

I can look at a clients hair and know what products i’m going to need, the iron size and if it will last.

Without even touching it and starting a consultation.

Other factors need to be taken in to account too. Like has her hair been coloured, is it damaged, the length… Then I start to think about curling iron size.

I use the BaByliss PRO Irons: Dial-A-Heat. I have 3 sizes.

The large suits thick coarse hair to get that curly blow without the blow feel.

My medium iron suits more resilient hair and medium to fine hair which is what we used in todays video.

Then my small iron I use on shorter hair and beachy waves on hair like Sammy’s.

Struggle Curling?

If your client struggles with using a curling iron, I’ve demonstrated on myself, I’ve tonnes of hair but you can see the results still work on Sammy’s in this video too. IF she is still struggling then check out Babyliss Curl Secret, that pulls your hair in and curls hair for you. A massive help if you get achy arms quickly or struggling to curl your own hair when you have something like arthritis… I’ve personally never used this but I know lots of people that have and its a hit!

I also pin hair in to place to make sure the hair cools in place for a stronger curl. BUT if a client is going for a more boho vibe or her hair curls really well, then I wouldn’t. If you curl and think – wow that’s curled better than I thought, then maybe leave the hair, don’t pin and see how the client feels. As it drops you can always pin to prevent it dropping any further.

Curls Too Tight?

If you need it to drop use the heat from a hair dryer, in a downwards motion and gently drag the curl to soften it. Adding a little salt spray can also encourage hair to go to softer waves.

Always allow for settling too. You don’t want your client to say – that’s perfect – get to the end of the road and its all filled out.

Sounds a lot to think about right?


Yep, annoyingly, that old saying is true, the more you can practice the better. Experience is everything in this industry! Try the same curling iron and products on 4 different hair types and see how each differs. If you get the chance to work on the same client then, keep a record, and add in other products or change your methods and see if it performs better.

I’m curling hair on a client to show how to cheat a curly blow look and get lasting curls in fine hair and resilient hair that wont curl, or curls that don’t last.

how can I make my curls last all day

Get the how to on creating curls that last, how to get volume in fine hair and which are the best curlers for fine hair that wont curl. Plus the best products to get the most out of your curling iron.

If you hair is damaged or would benefit from an amazing hair treatment then see this video to create a pretty look whilst getting the most out of this hair treatment… Or just try the treatment, it still works a treat




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