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So, ALOMST every wedding trial I get asked about Harry Jon: Where i’ve work, when did i start as a hair and makeup artist (MUA)… Hence writing this post to give you a bit of background and what makes me tick.

I come from a family of hairdressers, so naturally my life began in hair. I travelled around with my Grandma, a mobile hairdresser, at the super young age of 4 to ‘pass up’ for her; in her robin reliant car… I guess it was her that unleashed the creative gene in me.

When i came to leave school i had no idea what i wanted to do but a close friend of mine was doing a Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy course and after some advice off mum: ‘Hair styling is a trade and even if you decide not to do it, you can always fall back in to it’ I decided that was the path to take.

Beauty Therapy wasn’t for me but i loved hair styling! I left college and worked at the John English salon in Stockport where i started to get a feel for all the party & wedding hair and i think that was it for me…

From there i had a change of path and went to work for Elizabeth Arden to explore the makeup world –  a daunting trip on the train to London with people passing me so fast I couldn’t ask for direction but I swiped 100% on the training course (YAY), and off back to Manchester to start a career a counter manager.


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After I did all sorts of jobs like Cabin Crew for Monach, lots of admin work with a housing associate & mortgage broker and then uni at 28 years old to study drama.

Drama at Salford Uni was one of the best things I ever did. I think I found myself there, built confidence id lost and found something I was truly good at… You could say this is my true passion and it was definitely a success. After I left the head of department called to say they’d have me back anytime and you can have a family and a career.  But even here, when creating film, whilst in production my role was still In hair and makeup.

After the birth of my first daughter, Belle, I had to choose where my career was to go… or even start. My now husband suggested going back in to hair…

Since, i’ve set up Harry Jon in 2009, creating a company ethos of ‘Hair & Makeup for Any Age & Any Style’.  I’ve done a more in depth course with in makeup & skincare and then went on to the fab School of Makeup. If you are on the hunt for a school to train this place is great. All the tutors are out working still in the industry and are a mindful of info. I’ve returned since doing the media makeup to do a training course on wigs with Jo Anthony – the oracle of period hair and then back again for some prosthetics with the king of gore Darren Longthorne.


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As well as that i went to London to work with the immense talent at Illamasqua. I did 2 courses back to back here over 3 days for more creative work – loved it.

I’ve a huge passion for what i do; my mind is always ticking thinking what i can do next. I don’t just work with brides in Wedding World either, I do lots for people going to events, fancy dress parties, the races, prom, festivals. I love photo-shoots be that for beauty work, fashion or avant grade. Ive worked on some music videos and promotional shoots with classical duo ‘Eden‘. I have my own little avant grade quirky corner i like to go back to when an idea pops in to my head.

My focus now is on my training for hair up both on line and in studio and introducing a makeup course for every age and style. I like being prepared to create anyones version of beautiful.

#HJMUA #Beyourownkindofbeautiful


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So, if you are a bride or commercial client get in touch and check availability through the contact page.

If you are off to a festival, prom, event, night out or you’d like a lesson you can now book yourself in here.

Please don’t wait because unfortunately, there is only one of my and i’m always having to turn people down…



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