Some ladies that sit in my chair have no idea what a waterline is, nevermind how to make the most of it. So I’ve created this tutorial with you in mind.

How to make the most of your waterline, how to add colour from a soft light look to full on drama and even an insane colour POP.

Click the image and watch the quick tutorial to see just how easy this is to do at home!

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Welcome back HJ Squaddies!


Today is another video from my makeup hacks playlist ‘HOW TO ADD COLOUR TO THE WATERLINE AND MAKE IT STAY’ and I’m showing you how to apply any color to the water line, how to make it stay smudge-proof and I’m saving you money by making your makeup bag go further.

Welcome to another HJ tutorial, a channel for everything hair and makeup artistry, and today I am letting you in on one of my little secrets. These are two techniques I use for adding color to the water line or lash line and how we can make it stay.

So we’re going straight in with Costa Riche Kohl Pencil from Mac. You can use a Powersurge if you’re looking for something lighter, or if you like more drama, I love Illamasqua’s black gel liner. Completely cover your waterline with the pencil and then take a small brush like this one is my favorite and this one’s from Inglot and it’s the 32T.

And over the top of your liner, you’re going to apply a matte eye shadow, which you gently pat over the waterline and it creates a cakeing effect. The shade I’m using here is Rowdy from the bPerfect Carnival Palette. But just find a coordinating shade that works. It will intensify the color, so if you prefer something softer, then opt for a lighter shade like Mac’s Kohl Pencil Powersurge, or keep watching for the next technique that I’m going to show you. But for simple brown and blacks, that’s it guys. It’s so easy. You just apply the pencil, apply a powder directly over the top.

So next is my way to save you money and saving room in your kit. Using a nude or white pencil, and here I’m going to use Mac’s Chroma Graphic Pencil in shade NC15. You cover the area where you want to work, so in our case we going to aim for the waterline, and then take any color from your kit. Any color. This will save you hundreds on pencils and creams and powders. But here I’m using the bPerfect Carnival Pallet again, and I’m taking the shade mint. Going to pat it over the top of the nude waterline and then just let that cream grab the color. You’ll create a cakeing effect, again. It’ll give you a nice color pop and you can do it with absolutely any color.

So drop me a comment below and let me know what color you would go for. And if you also want to get more tips and tricks, go check out the link below for our growing Facebook group. We are growing, I am just starting out on the YouTube channel, but come over, check us out. It’s the HJ Hair and Makeup Squaddies.

And that’s my technique for keeping your liner in place. If this quick tutorial has been useful, then please give me a thumbs up and if you’d like to see more from me, then hit the subscribe and the bell to be notified on the other videos because next week we have a full tutorial on how to create this look and this pretty hair that is perfect for events or a wedding.



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