How To Apply Winged Liner on a Hooded Eye

After the amazing response for our post on ‘How to apply false eyelashes’ a few of you asked for a simplified way to apply your eyeliner.

I’ve filmed this on myself and I have a small hooded eye, so I may well re-film this on a few different eye shapes to help you some more but hooded eye or not this should still help you get your eyeliner on, in place and not moving.

I recommend the MAC Liquid Last Liner which has a more dramatic sheen effect or my favourite as its more matt and dry liquid Illamasqua Precision Ink both of which are waterproof. Before any of that though i prefer a pen liner to lightly map out the shape before sealing over the top with one of the waterproof liners…

Or if you prefer a pencil, use this to map out the shape first and create a guide line, then reapply getting stronger and more defined, then seal with shadow.


Let me know how you get on and don’t forget to have a look at how to applying false lashes to finish the look.

HJ x

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