Makeup Artist Hygiene

How can you lean your makeup kit as a professional and what you need to

kill and prevent germs

Are you keeping your kit as clean as possible?

OK, its not easy to keep your kit COMPLETELY germ free but this makeup is being put all over someones face, so its part of our job to try!

Dirty makeup brushes and cross contamination should be things you think about every day as normal MUA practice, whether you are freelance or in a studio.

If you are picking up those brushes – its your responsibility.

If you own a salon with a makeup artist – its your responsibility to make sure that the makeup artist is being responsible.

We have standards guys!

My video this week, timely with the current coronavirus situation, is full of tips on how to keep your kit clean, avoid cross contamination and what products, like isopropyl, you can use to help maintain a germ free kit. You can see that here

how to clean a makeup kit

I’m taking you through my makeup artist kit, showing you the tools I use to clean my kit and how I work with my kit to keep it germ free.


I’ve been using my MY KIT CO metal tray to scrap out smaller amounts like eyeshadow. I’ve found the size of the metal palette is big enough for me to pick up and make sure the eyeshadow doesn’t transfer to the skin patchy.

I found working with my contour palettes or smaller compacts like highlighters, i’ve used like an oyster and then used bacterial wipes to wipe clean before packing away. Which I demo in this video.


I have always used the back of my hand as a palette for cream. Although, some might be completely against using hands, there are others that do their entire makeup with hands… I always use hand santiser (making sure it has an alcohol content to kill any germs) and I re sanitise if I drop anything, blow my nose… anything.

As well as hand sanitiser I’m also washing with soap and water in between clients too. My hands are as dry as the Sahara dessert but i’m clean!


I’ve alway used isopropyl.

With the recent coronavirus I’ve seen so many posts saying that isopropyl won’t kill germs, 70% alcohol isn’t enough… So, this sent me on a bit of an investigation.

In between clients I load up tissue with isopropyl and use my brush in circular motions to clean off any product. Being careful to change the tissue as it becomes dirty and repeat until clean. Before allowing to dry and reuse again.

This is an essential part of my routine if I am on a wedding booking or have a busy full day of clients. Obviously, at the end of that day, my brushes get a complete hair wash courtesy of fairy anti bacterial soap and warm water.

Anyway, isopropyl…

I found this blog post   “Will Isopropyl Kill Germs? Is 70% or 100% isopropyl alcohol better for killing germs? which was an interesting read. 

So, in actual fat 70% alcohol contest is MORE effective! Alcohol attacks germs by coating them, breaking down their exterior so they burst and then cleaning it away. Alcohol dries extremely fast (hence why its perfect for sanitising makeup brushes and kit)  but the 30% water that’s added to create 70% alcohol, delays the drying time slightly, allowing the alcohol more time to work and kill the germs before it evaporates. So it does work!



My friend Emma recommended this recently with all the coronavirus germs, just before weddings were cancelled. I was worried about germs and cleaning with clients so she recommended using this.

This machine is amazing!

styler brush cleaner quick brush cleaning

It cleans in 10 seconds and dries in 10 seconds!


This is the one I purchased. I didn’t want to spend too much to try it out, so I purchased this for £30 at Argos – NEXT TIME, I might opt for the next pro version which comes with a glass bowl and a few other pieces which they had at one of my favourite places Look Fantastic! This retailed at £60 BUT Look Fantastic always have offers on (currently 15% off so worth a lot first – wish I had checked first)

I had a little research of their brush cleaner too and found it here on “The Best Brush Cleaners” 

If you are looking for other advice on how to kill the coronavirus and the best ways to disinfect your kit or home then this post was really helpful. “How We Know Disinfectants Should Kill the COVID-19 Coronavirus.” 

Enjoy the video guys

Stay Safe

HJ x

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