OH MY WORD! How many times have I heard cries of help this week for how to make curls last and ‘I’ve tried everything’.

‘Keep your hair Dirty’ – ‘Dirty’ – ‘a wet set’ -‘don’t condition it’ – ‘DIRTY’ – ‘lots of hairspray’


So a little dirt can help curls yes, it helps to create some ‘grit’ in the hair BUT products have come such a long way these days that you can mimic that. There is also a fine line for many between greasy and dirty… Grease will only weight your hair down.

Don’t condition… noooo… If I tried that, I’d never be able to comb through never mind getting a curling iron anywhere near it. Its like telling an oily skin not to wear moisturiser. You still do it, just with an appropriate product!

In truth, we are all different and what works for one of my clients doesn’t always work for the next when it comes to a hair down look. I remember getting brides in for a hair and makeup trial – she’d ask for curls, I’d be analysing her fine, polka straight hair – so I’d ask ‘does your hair hold a curl well?’ ‘no, it never stay’ … so since then, I’ve made it my mission to find the perfect method for making curls last the night.

Not only to the end of the street – like many of my clients previous experiences have been.

The Method

DO Shampoo & Condition avoiding anything that will weight the hair down. No 2 in 1, no volumising, no argan oil, just a nice light everyday product. If your hair is particularly heavy/greasy/build up then get a buildup shampoo or do one wash with a little washing up liquid.

I use a good conditioner because I have thick coarse hair that’s had extreme lightening so its very dry, so I apply to mid lengths and ends and comb all the way through and leave on. If you are finer then opt for a lighter conditioner and apply the same, rinse off quickly or opt for a spray conditioner if you struggle and always seem to end up greasy.

DON’T use straighteners before you can curl – in 11 years of doing hair I have only ever come across 2 clients who’s hair benefit from being straightened first and their hair was so course, they had 3 heads of hair on one and it was wild. So the other 99.9% of use don’t need to. Just a blast off with the dryer with some heat protector.

PRODUCTS I recommend Cloud 9 Magic Quick Dry Potion. which helps reduce the drying time whilst protecting your hair and I think this also helps to start getting the hair gritty.

You could also use a little mousse on damp hair before drying but be careful what you use. Some can be very sticky and heavy. I like WELLA  Extra Volume Mousse.


Usually, I never use a mousse, unless I’ve trial run and nothing else works… You have to be careful not to overload the hair with products because then your hair will drop with the weight of product rather than the lack of it.

My all time favourites are WELLA Perfect Setting & Body Crafter combined. They are both a light spray and work so well as a duo. The Body Crafter makes the cuticle of the hair swell, helping it to grab a curl better and the Perfect Setting encourages a curl to form.

why won't my curls lasthow to get curls to last

Spray these both through the hair. You will most likely need more as you work through, so concentrate on the first area, working through in sections to make sure the spray is dispersed well to achieve the best curl results.

What you should notice, is that the hair starts to feels a bit gritty. If it doesn’t add more.

Take a section of hair about an inch wide. Not too much that the heat wont take forever to work through.. Comb through, lightly spray with hairspray… Again nothing sticky. Try Wella Super Set Hairspraybest products to curl hair Then curl. Ive tried alot of curlers over the years  and wasted an awful amount of money. The best value by far are Babyliss!

Im a big fan of the BaByliss PRO Dial a Heat and I have them in abut 3 sizes. So pick the one you prefer BUT if your hair does not like to curl then opt for a curler slightly smaller than you think.the best curlers for long lasting curls

They also do a Babyliss Conical Wand, which is another good tool to help grab on your hair but it will leave you with unfinished ends. So you can either go over those with the curler or rock the beach look. AND, better, if you are just struggling all together to manage curling your hair at all then Babyliss have the Curl Secret.  Now, this I have never tried but I have a few friends that have used this and they say its amazing.. It basically hoovers your hair up and curls it for you. Its fitted with a censor so it shuts off if you put too much hair in it or you have an unfortunate jam… so you’re safe – don’t worry! Plus, I’ve seen rave reviews on Look Fantastic. So if you need a hand or struggle holding your arms up for this long, then that could be for you.

You must let the heat of the iron go through all of the hair. If your hair is long, placate iron mid way, wrap t the root leaving the ends free. Then as that section heats up, gradually slide the iron down and let the mid lengths and ends for through the iron to heat up too.

Once you’ve curled, pin it back in the curl and allow to cool completely or leave it pinned until you are ready to go out.

When you remove the curling iron, if your curl feels really weak, then re-do it.

If its still not curling – try the mouse next time we mentioned earlier. OR try a little dry shampoo how to make my curls last longer  which is really light and a great fine mist so its not overloaded or Ocean Spritz by Wella, which is a salt spray… Then re curl.

how can I make my curls last longerAfter curling your hair a few times, you will start to see what products really work for your hair, its all trial and error and it might take a few attempted to get the knack of curling BUT you will get it, just don’t give up.  Gorgeous curls that last the night are almost yours!

I created a couple of Youtube videos on curling ive posted up previously. You can use these to work along with and see my curling technique using the BaByliss PRO irons.

Good Luck

AND comment to let me know if you tried this out and how it worked for you.

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