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OK, so this is one hair type that I consider to be my genius zone. I mean, that when someone sits in my chair, they look nervous and fed up, they usually say ‘ I doubt there is much you can do with this hair’


If you are a hair artist or wedding hair stylist, then get over to my Youtube Channel and SUBSCRIBE! Better still, my online hair course has so many trips and tips for how to work with slippy, lifeless, short or fine hair. These are my favourite type of clients to work with because their hair can be dry and damaged or just fine, slippy and lifeless and I get to transform it, make them feel amazing and I get to watch them bounce away more confident… “My husband won’t recognise me”

This twisted updo hairstyle is great for fine hair and creating long lasting volume so it stays in place for hours. Its another hair up tutorial from my playlist this time for thin hair.

If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you will know that i’m a big an of WELLA Eimi product range. If you are a stylist, you will know that it takes more than just hairspray to keep a style in place.

So what products can you use to help fine hair stay in place?

I always go straight to Perfect Setting & Body Crafter from Wella – Available on Look Fantastic who always have a little discount or cheeky bonus!

Perfect Setting helps encourage a curl and Body Crafter makes the hair cuticle swell, helping it to hold and grip the curl better. It creates ‘grit’ in the hair. Almost like making hair dirty without it being dirty. have you ever asked a client with fine hair to not wash their hair? Its horrifying! The grease! I can’t not wash my hair, it goes so greasy… So what can you do to make sure clean fine hair still stays in place – use these 2 products. If the hair still feels clean then add a little dry shampoo to the hair shaft. You can add a little to the root if your client is worried about greasy roots  (and it can also help keep their volume in place) but I wouldn’t overload as later her scalp won’t thank you for it.

Check out this full tutorial for a messy updo, that gives the illusion of more hair, so fine thin hair looks thicker, which is perfect for an event or wedding hairstyle.

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