Got The Wrong Foundation?

Have a stack of old foundations hiding in your makeup bag that you cant use because your skin has changed or you need a different shade?

Mix It & Make It Work!

Take those foundations and mix them, mix them together, mix them with primers, apply them with a different brush or use them like contour. Whether you need a light consistency, a darker shade, a different tone of foundation, more matt foundation …This video is showing you my foundations hacks to fix your foundation and show you how to use up old foundation and not waste it.

Depending on what you need from your foundation, will determine how many of these tips you need. Check out my hacks below and use one or a combo of them to use up all your foundations.


The obvious hack, just simply mix them…

Ones too dark – ones too light – mix them until its right

Too dewy – too matt – mix them

Grab a pot once you fid the right shade or consistency and keep it made up ready in your make up bag.

wrong foundation? How to mix it and use it up

Hack 2

Use the foundations like bronzer, highlight, contour.

If you have one much too dark, that you might have bought as your holiday foundation you could still use this where you’d normally wear bronzer or as a base of your eyeshadow.

You can still mix if your other foundations are much too light or dark but by adding in a darker shade where you’d normally use bronzer or contour and a lighter where you need to brighten, this will give you a great base if you want to add any depth to eyeshadow or contour and will give you a lovely sun kissed natural day look.


Hack 3

Oily Skin

Change the finish on your foundation by mixing with a primer or simply priming your skin ready so it sits better on your skin.

For example, if you have a greasy skin and find you liked a foundation at first but then by the end of the day its moving, try priming with mattifying products.

Smash Box Photo Finish Primer Stick is a great product (Looks like this is being discontinued ARGH)  ALL smashbox primers are extremely good and Smashbox have an amazing reputation, particularly for their primers.  They have another primer now for oil control, Oil & Shine Control Primer which you should use on any areas that get extremely oily.

Smashbox oil and shine control

Benefit POREfessional


If you get a little oily but dont like to be too matt the try out Benefit Porefession , which hides open pores and helps with oil control. Then for extra longevity you can use Urban Decay Declick Setting Powder AND Setting Spray. One of my favourite words is Waterproof and they have a Waterproof Setting Powder! Exciting!!

urban decay deslick powder

Urban Decay Deslick Spray


Dehydrated Skin

If you are on the opposite end of the skin zone and dry or dehydrated then nourish your skin first. Add Pixie rose Oil to hydrate & smooth dryer skin, leave it to work in for a few minutes before adding moisturiser over the top. You can even add a little to your foundation to thin it and make it more moisturising and lighter.


Pixie Rose Oil


One of my favourites to add to foundation and make it lighter and more dewy is ByBi Strawberry Booster, which I got back in Februarys Valentine Glossybox – Great for mixing into foundation or a light oil to use on the skin. This is a lovely light oil, not as rich as Pixie. If you have a very dehydrated skin due to dehydration or hormones, like menopause try using a little Pixie oil in your skin prep and a little of the Strawberry Booster in your foundation if you need to.

Bybi Strawberry Booster


Mature Skin

If you have a more mature skin or don’t like anything too oily then Jane Iredale Smooth Affair   , this is a hydrating and radiance primer, that smells so beautiful and comes as no surprise that this is one of Jane Iredales best sellers.  Apply it to your face, avoiding areas tat might get oily throughout the day and if you are looking for a lighter foundation mix it with your foundation to turn a heavier foundation into a BB cream.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair



Try applying your foundation with a different brush. Sound crazy? Well, each brush you apply foundation with will give a slightly different finish.

I love Peaches & Cream Brushes, which I’ve featured in this video. They wash extremely well, they are synthetic makeup brushes so you can use them all with powder or cream and obviously they are cruelty free which is always good. I avoid natural bristle brushes for that reason and also so many people have allergies, with so many amazing synthetic brushes on the market – why would you need to go for a natural bristle brush?

Peaches and cream makeup brushes are super affordable too, with 3 brushes being available for £15 as well as other full makeup brush collections.

Peaches & Cream Brushes

Have a go and let me know in the comments how it goes.

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